New Nook eReader, Read in the Dark


Nook eReader with lights for reading in the darkThe Nook is just one of the many types of eReaders out there at the moment that are designed to make eBooks more widespread and easier to read. If you are considering which eReader to buy, the Nook might just persuade you with its new facility that allows you to read in the dark.

This has been the biggest tripping point for eReaders up until now, with the best solution often being a clip on light that attaches to the top of the eReader, much as it would to a normal book. But the new Nook from Barnes and Noble has a series of LED lights built into the design. These give enough light to be able to read comfortably in the dark, while not being enough to wake your partner as they (hopefully) sleep soundly next to you.

The screen has an anti-glare feature and the optional LED lighting is switched on and off via a simple button situated just underneath the display. In addition to this the brightness can be adjusted via a slider included on the screen.

Since most other eReaders don’t yet have such a feature included as standard, this could make the Nook Simple Touch Reader more attractive to potential buyers. It is due to be released in May this year and will come with an attractive $139 price tag. Watch this space to see if the new lighting will make it a serious contender for the Amazon Kindle.Nook eReader with lights for reading in the darkNook eReader with lights for reading in the darkNook eReader with lights for reading in the dark

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