Matrox Extends DualHead2Go Line of External Multi Display Adapters


Matrox DualHead2Go External Multi Display AdaptersWe all have at least one adapter of some kind. But you have to admit the DualHead2Go range of adapters not only have a cool look it also offers a superb range of features.

The idea here is that you can plug multiple machines into it, such as two desktop computer screens for example. This means you can enjoy watching one image split over the two screens. If you’ve ever walked into a shop that has a bank of television screens with one image shown in pieces across all of them, you’ll get the idea of what these DualHead2Go multi display adapters are all about.

The main thing that stands out with the new extended range is that the actual unit itself is pretty small, considering what it provides you with. Watch out for the two new adapters, named DualHead2Go Digital ME and DualHead2Go Digital SE respectively.

You can get two monitors working together if you get the ME model, if you invest in two SE models you’ll be able to connect four displays together to get an even bigger effect.

No doubt there will be some really good applications for this new range of adapters from Matrox. But I’m sure plenty of individuals will be buying them to connect up different screens for different reasons. Just imagine how much better game play could be on your favourite computer game for example.Matrox DualHead2Go External Multi Display AdaptersMatrox DualHead2Go External Multi Display AdaptersMatrox DualHead2Go External Multi Display Adapters

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