Otus Mini Speakers for Bike Helmets


Otus Mini SpeakersIf you have ever seen a biker wearing earphones or earbuds while riding their bike you’ll probably have done exactly what I tend to do when faced with the same sight. You’ll shake your head and wonder how on earth they can hear what is happening around them. It’s illegal for a reason, after all.

But now the Otus mini speakers have been created to give the rider the best of both worlds. The idea is that the tiny devices are attached to the helmet instead of going in the ear. When you see how they work you’ll see they sit very close to the ear, just in front of it, when they are fixed into place and the helmet is put on.

They can in turn be attached to a music player or to a Bluetooth receiver so the required music source can be turned on. The price is pretty low at $35 for a pair of Otus mini speakers. But even though they let the user listen to their music while still being able to hear what is going on around them, it does presumably depend on how high the user turns it up.

The louder it is, the more disruptive it will be, so the effectiveness of the speakers will depend solely on how responsible the user is. But then I suppose the people who will want these are those who want to be able to hear the traffic around them – otherwise there’d be no point.Otus Mini SpeakersOtus Mini SpeakersOtus Mini SpeakersOtus Mini Speakers

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