Hornet Velomobile Runabout with Electric Power


Hornet VelomobileRemember when the Sinclair C5 hit the streets a few decades ago? I’ll admit I really wanted one but they never caught on. The question now is whether the Hornet is the next Sinclair C5, or whether it will offer something that is perfect for getting around in the 21st century.

The idea is built around a tricycle which has two wheels at the front and one at the back. The aerodynamic casing means it is transformed into a velomobile, and the Hornet could be a great way to get around town in the near future.

It combines good old fashioned pedal power and a 350-watt electric motor that gets it going when you need some help or when you just want to get around more easily. It comes complete with mirrors, a steering wheel and a well designed cockpit that keeps you warm while allowing you to see clearly in front of you.

The seat looks comfy and the whole thing is designed more like a pedal car, where your legs are out in front of you and you can lean back into the pedalling. Apparently it isn’t too much fun pedalling uphill, but then that’s what you have the motor for;  it’s capable of 20mph. The Hornet is available in Canada starting at $5,650 Canadian dollars.

Below we have a video showing an early version of the Hornet, turning heads on the streets:Hornet VelomobileHornet VelomobileHornet VelomobileHornet Velomobile

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