D-Link DSM-310 MovieNite, Streaming HD Media Player


D-Link DSM-310 MovieNite with RemoteD-Link has launched its DSM 310 MovieNite streaming media player. Priced at $60, this is currently carried exclusively by Walmart.

What the MovieNite offers is instant access to entertainment content from a wide range of sources; all you need to do is to connect the device to a TV and a power outlet. Once you switch on the MovieNite player, it accesses content via built-in wireless or Ethernet connectivity and streams it to your computer or television.

You can select movies from VUDU and watch the latest releases in full HD, right from the comfort of your favourite chair, surrounded by your favourite beverage and popcorn. You simply pay per movie; there is no subscription.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you can also stream content from its large library. You can also access content from YouTube. If you’re tired of watching movies or are in the mood for some music, you can use the MovieNite device to access free internet radio stations via Pandora.

If you’re not watching movies or listening to music, you can use MovieNite to view pictures streamed by MyDlink-enabled cameras connected to your home network. That way, you can keep an eye on your home, including kids and pets. You can also use MovieNite to share photos via Picasa.

An easy-to-use on-screen menu and one-button instant navigation remote control make the MovieNite media player very user-friendly.

A free MovieNite app is available for iPhone and Android phones. Once you download this app on to your smartphone, you can control the device using your smartphone.D-Link DSM-310 MovieNite, ConnectionsD-Link DSM-310 MovieNite RemoteRemote for the D-Link DSM-310 MovieNite D-Link DSM-310 MovieNite, Front View

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