Sony E Series 14P Laptops, Gesture Based Controls


Sony E Series 14P Laptop, in blackSony is launching its newest member of the Vaio notebook family, the E Series 14P. Its 14” display delivers a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, so you get clear images and video.

The E Series 14P is powered by Intel’s Core i3 2550 M processor. You can choose between Intel HD Graphics 3000 and the AMD Radeon HD7670M graphics processor. This notebook comes with 4GB RAM.

While the Eco feature minimises battery drain by going into a deep sleep state, the RapidWake feature means that your hibernating notebook gets back to life rapidly.

Sony claims that in the energy-saving mode, the Vaio Series E 14P notebook can remain in its state of ultra-low power deep sleep for as long as ten days. The notebook can last for up to seven hours on a full charge.

Sony’s Vaio E Series 14P notebooks are available in pink, black or white. The notebook looks chic not only because these colours are fresh, but also because the colour flourishes around the notebook’s edge, lid, touchpad and keyboard complement the body colour well.

The aluminium speaker bezel adds to the classy look of the device, while the backlight in the isolation keyboard means you can use the keyboard without worrying about making errors due to poor ambient lighting. If you’ve ever worked on your report or presentation while on-board an overnight trans-continental flight, you will appreciate the utility of this feature.

Perhaps the newest feature introduced in this model is GestureControl, which allows you to use intuitive hand movements to interact with specific software that includes Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer® 9, PowerPoint® and PowerDVD.

A built-in HD webcam and Sony’s unique xLOUD and ClearPhase make video chats far better, even in low ambient light conditions. If you’re watching a movie or listening to music, use the Dolby Home Theatre V4 to deliver near cinema-quality audio.Sony E Series 14P Laptop, in pinkSony E Series 14P Laptop, in whiteSony E Series 14P Laptop, come in pink, black and white

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