Epson PowerLite X15 Multimedia Projector with HDMI connectivity


Epson PowerLite X15 ProjectorAt least for the foreseeable future, presentations supported by slides (e g those made on Microsoft PowerPoint) will not become out of fashion, considering that they remain one of the most efficient and effective vehicle to communicate to a group such as a classroom or an organisational team.

It is conceivable that soon, every student or employee is sent the slide deck either in advance or slide by slide as the presenter moves along his or her presentation.

However, till such time that such a scenario becomes reality, projectors will be needed to clearly project the slides from the computer on to a screen.

Epson, an established player in the projector business, has just announced the launch of its PowerLite X15.

This projector, expected to be in the market in another month or so, is to be priced at around the $600 mark and is positioned for use in small- and medium-sized classrooms and conference rooms.

The PowerLite X15 comes with HDMI connectivity, which means you can project high-quality audio and video on to the screen from say, a video camera. USB plug and play facility makes it easier to connect to a computer (Mac or PC).

This projector is not very bulky; however, brightness is 3000 lumens and white light output in XGA resolution.

If you’ve delivered presentations using projectors, you will know that sometimes, getting the right image size and clarity can be a matter of trial and error. Happily, the X15 comes with “EasySlide” technology, which makes it possible for the presenter to adjust the image with just one touch even if the projector is not placed exactly in front of the screen. Epson PowerLite X15 ProjectorEpson PowerLite X15 ProjectorEpson PowerLite X15 ProjectorEpson PowerLite X15 Projector

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