Biggest Atlas in the World, $100,000 Price Tag


Biggest Atlas in worldMillennium House, a publishing house based in Sydney, Australia, has the distinction of producing what is believed to be the world’s largest atlas.

Its double page spreads measure 1.8 m in height x 1.4 m in width (yes, those dimensions do correspond to 6’ x 4.5’!).

Known as the Earth Platinum Atlas, this 128 page magnum opus weighs 150 Kg- that’s more than a Kg per page on average. No wonder it requires two adults even to turn its pages.

The Earth Platinum Atlas is the result of several years of effort put in by a team of 88 international cartographers. Big Think states that the project took 4 years, although the Altea Gallery in London, which has edition number 2 for sale, suggests that the effort required was around 25 years.

The Earth Platinum Atlas was printed in Italy last December and bound in Hong Kong. Only 31 copies of this gigantic atlas have been printed so far.

It includes 30 amazing photographs, including one of Shanghai’s skyline. This picture has been created by combining 12000 individual photos and as such, is reported to be the world’s largest photograph.

Once the Earth Platinum Atlas is officially declared to be the world’s largest atlas, it will beat the Klencke Atlas, which has had the distinction of being the world’s largest atlas since 1660. The Klencke Atlas is housed in the British Library in London.

Even if you have the space in your house to keep this atlas, make sure you have the $100,000 needed to buy it. Biggest Atlas in worldBiggest Atlas in worldBiggest Atlas in world

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