QLOCKTWO W Watch Displays the Time in Words


QLOCKTWO W WatchI don’t exactly recall at what age I learnt to tell the time on a conventional analogue watch with an hour hand, minute hand and second hand. However, I do recall getting quite confused and telling the time incorrectly.

If you want to make it easier for your child to tell the time, maybe you should consider getting a QLOCKTWO watch for him or her.

What’s special about this watch is that it has no hands. It is digital, but not in the sense that it displays numerals followed by “a m” or “p m”.

The QLOCKTWO W watch simply tells you the time in words. Its screen comprises a grid of 110 letters. Whenever you want to know the time, just press the button on the side. The letters on the display light up and you can read the time in words. For example, the image we have shows the display highlighting “It is half past twelve”.

This watch has been conceptualised by German design agency Biegert & Funk, the same agency earlier produced the QLOCKTWO as a desktop clock and also a wall-clock.

The wristwatch version of QLOCKTWO is a smaller version of the wall-clock. It features a square face measuring 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm. The first press of the button lets you read the time. Subsequent presses tell you the day and the seconds (should you need that information).

These watches are set to release around mid-year, and are expected to be priced at around $725 (£460) apiece. You can buy a version with German text as well, if you so wish.QLOCKTWO W Watch

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