ErgoSensor Philips Monitor Stops You Slouching


Philips ErgoSensorFor years, a stream of research has consistently found that our posture while using computers plays a major role in our physical well-being.

In response, hardware manufacturers have redesigned computer keyboards and screens; indeed, even the mouse has been redesigned, to make it easier for users.

Furniture makers too have developed ergonomic chairs and desks that allow users to work on computers in postures that do not put undue stress on the user’s necks, shoulders or backs.

As more users moved away from desktops and laptops and started using tablets and smartphones, it was thought that ergonomics may be less of a problem.

However, the inconvenient truth is that easy portability of these devices means that even when people are in trains or flights, they are busy pressing small keys or sliding their fingers across shiny screens.

Philips, the Dutch multinational that, for years, has been synonymous with innovation, has developed a new monitor that actively helps the user to avoid slouching.

The ErgoSensor, as this monitor is named, has a sensor placed above the middle of the screen so it can monitor the user whenever s/he uses the computer. Whenever it detects a slouch, it alerts you.

This monitor is also good in terms of reducing carbon footprint, as it reduces 80% energy consumption when the user is not in front of the screen (the simplistic logic being that if you’re not in front of the screen, you’re not using the computer!).

The ErgoSensor monitor also contributes to the health of our planet and its citizens by being free of PVC and BFR.Philips ErgoSensorPhilips ErgoSensor

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