BMW 2012 Bicycle Range


BMW 2012 Bicycle RangeAlthough the German automobile company BMW is best-known for producing terrific cars and motorcycles, it also produces bicycles.

BMW has launched its 2012 range of bicycles. They are not hugely different from the 2011 range, although to be sure, some components have been upgraded.

For instance, the 2012 edition of the Enduro mountain-bike gets a new set of Crank Brothers wheels, which improve stiffness and downhill performance.

The 2012 model comes with a Fox 32 O/B trail fork that has a lower travel of 140 mm, compared with the 150 mm travel in the 2011 edition of the bike, which came with a Fox Talas 32 RL air spring fork. There are some changes to the Suntour NCX-D touring bike as also the mountain-bike model named Crosscountry.

BMW claims that the frame has been improved too, although it weighs nearly the same 15 Kg that its predecessor from 2011 did.

In many models, the colours used in the 2012 editions make the bikes look really sleek and attractive. So while the changes to the components will enhance stability and performance, the new colours will add to the “cool quotient” of the bikes.

BMW is a premium brand whether it is cars, motorbikes or bicycles. Not surprisingly, their bicycles are also more expensive than your average Raligh. The 2012 range starts from a price of €900 and goes all the way up to €2750.

To put these prices in perspective, the highest-priced BMW bike in its 2012 range costs more than the Nano, the world’s smallest (and perhaps cheapest) car made by the Tata group from India.  They are available here.BMW 2012 Bicycle RangeBMW 2012 Bicycle RangeBMW 2012 Bicycle RangeBMW 2012 Bicycle Range

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