Team GB Olympic Bra to Include Adidas miCoach Sensors


Adidas miCoach Sensors on the Olympic Kit The new kit for our team GB Olympic hopefuls has been unveiled and it has been designed by none other than Stella McCartney. But while the kit looks dashing in its obvious red, white and blue colour scheme, it hides a few nifty little gadgets inside it too.

According to information on the Adidas website, Stella has designed a tennis performance bra that includes a heart rate sensor on the front that is sewn into the bra itself. Climalite fabric means you won’t feel sweaty as you exercise (or sit watching the Olympics at home), because the material takes the moisture away from you.

However it looks like this is the only piece of kit in the range that has the sensor built in, we are not sure if there will be any garments for men. Perhaps I’d best leave the speculation there. The rest of the kit is superb though, in my opinion.

There are specific pieces designed for tennis players, footballers, swimmers, cyclists and track runners. You name it: each athlete in every sport has a complete kit made up just for them.

The only thing that stands out about the design is that the red part of the red, white and blue colour scheme is understated. Perhaps Stella thought blue would be more calming as our athletes go for gold in every sport they are taking part in. We can but hope the clothing will help towards a big haul.

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