Samsung Ultra High Speed-1 microSD Memory Card Announced


Samsung Ultra High Speed-1 microSD Memory CardI must admit I am a big supporter of the microSD card, provided I remember to put it in its case once I have taken it out of my camera or wherever else it has been. As someone who loses pretty big things from time to time, it is way too easy for me to lose something this small.

But for small, read powerful too – especially now that Samsung has managed to create an ultra high speed memory card of this size. It’s amazing how something so small can be so powerful, but the idea is that it has been created to cope with the demands of the newest tablets and smart phones. It packs in an impressive 16GB of space at most, and it is indeed particularly fast and able to cope with a variety of tasks.

The technical figures are not what matters really – it is the performance for the average user that will tell the tale of how successful Samsung’s new Ultra High Speed-1 creation actually is. And the performance is extremely good.

They’re not on the market yet so there has been no word of what the average price point will be for each size of microSD card. But they are currently in production so it is worth keeping an eye out for them as they should be around in the near future.

Watch out for this fast and efficient microSD card – it could be the new standard for the future.

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