Pear Sports Square One


Pear Sports Square OneSometimes I’ll provide a title for a gadget that gives you absolutely no idea what it is. Today is one of those days. Obviously the word ‘sports’ should give you a vague idea of what could be involved here, but beyond that let me explain what it’s all about.

This nifty gadget looks a little like a portable music player. But in fact you’ll need an iPod Shuffle to click onto the front of the main unit to get the most out of it. This means you can listen to music while you are working out, but the Pear unit itself will help you keep track of how well your workouts are going.

But it doesn’t end there. There is no need to figure out your own workouts because the unit will do it for you. The idea is that you start off by completing a twenty minute long session. Your heart rate is recorded during this time and you will receive a workout plan to use in future that is specifically designed to meet your own unique needs.

Perhaps the best thing about the Pear Sports Square One is that it really does start you off at square one. Once you are out and about and getting some exercise, the unit will let you know if you aren’t quite meeting up to the standards you should be.

If you are struggling the unit will give you prompts to get you back on track again. Think of it as your own personal coach and support.

Below we have a Pear video explaining more about the Pear training system and how it synchronises with their web portal:Pear Sports Square OnePear Sports Square One

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