World’s First Chocolate 3D Printer


Chocolate PrinterFinally, my dreams have come true. I checked to make sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke before jumping for joy and yes, it has passed the test. The chocolate printer has come into being at last, and while it’s not intended for general consumers, those in the food industry will certainly want to know more.

No price has been given for the chocolate printer as yet, but apparently it is close to being released for general sale. 3D printing has become more widespread and better known in recent times, but the art of 3D chocolate printing has surely brought it to a new level – and certainly a new audience.

The idea is a simple one really – the chocolate is built up in a layered fashion to provide the eventual 3D shape that is desired. I can imagine how high end restaurants and bakeries might well invest in one of these to sell more chocolates and other associated items to their customers.

The process itself looks rather cool and is fascinating to watch. If you imagine a big bottle of chocolate at just the right temperature to melt without being runny, that’s what you will see in the chocolate machine.

The nozzle points downwards and you can program the printer to make fairly intricate designs. The possibilities are endless for those who really want to make the most of this technology.Chocolate PrinterChocolate PrinterChocolate Printer

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