Google Tablet Delayed Until July


Asus TabletYes it’s almost time to get a look at the first tablet to be launched by Google, but it will be a couple of months later in coming than we originally thought. However while it was said to launch in May and we now have to wait until July, the real question is whether or not the additional wait will be worth it.

Apparently Google isn’t 100% happy with the design, and they have elected to make some changes rather than release it on time and not be happy with it. The good news is that the original design was to have a price of $249 it now looks more likely to sell for $199 instead. Patience will save you fifty dollars, apparently.

The new Google gadget will have a 7- inch screen and according to reports it will benefit from the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. The tablet is also reported to be Wi-Fi only, which is a bit of a shame, however this is their initial offering, so I imagine there will be a version to follow shortly which includes all the latest tech.

Anyway, it remains to be seen what the actual specs are and how it will fare when it does finally hit the shelves. The lower price will certainly attract more people to buy it, but will it suffer in quality?

We can thank Asus for coming up with the tablet in conjunction with the search engine giant. The quad core processor alone has to make it worth a second look.

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