iPhone 5 Coming in June?


iPhone Release DateCould this be true? According to comments made by a recruiter at Foxconn, the company that makes the gadgets, it could well hit the market as early as June this year.

However the comments were made in an interview and were translated to get the information that has now hit lots of different websites on the internet. It seems a little too soon after the successful October release of the iPhone 4S last year, but who knows?

Apple always preferred kicking off a new smart phone release in the summer, but last year’s 4S model rounded off a very successful calendar year for them. Do they really have the iPhone 5 slated to launch in June, or is this simply speculation or assumptions made by the Foxconn recruiter?

Of course we will just have to wait and see on this point. The same goes for any improvements on the iPhone 4S. After all if they are going to release the 5th generation model this soon after the previous one, it will have to have some fairly impressive statistics to wow its audience with.

But we shall have to wait and see what actually happens. Since it is already mid April, a new model in just a couple of months time would be great. But perhaps I will be proved wrong.

Some sources are saying that there will be new interesting augmented reality features, where the camera and software will interact. The new software may be able to read / understand parts of a photograph or video and provide you with answers to questions you may have.

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