Helicopter Drones Seeking Out Pirate Vessels


Helicopter Drones Seeking Out Pirate VesselsIt sounds like something out of the TV series ‘24’ doesn’t it? And we may not actually be too far from the truth in this case.

You won’t be able to buy a helicopter drone for yourself, that’s for sure. The current users of these feats of technology are the US Navy, and they are using them to find pirates that are patrolling our seas. Yes this might sound like something from the past, but you can be sure that this very modern technology is being used in the 21st century to locate pirates and their vessels.

The idea is that anything suspicious can be highlighted and real people in the US Navy will then check out the footage taken of the vessel to see whether it looks like a pirate boat.

There is no word on how much one of these helicopter drones would cost, but you can be sure it is extremely expensive. They can also automatically identify pirate boats via laser imaging, which is both impressive and rather frightening at the same time. I would suggest that if you’re thinking of investing in a boat in the near future, you should make sure it looks nothing like any kind of pirate boat you have ever seen.

I suppose it was only going to be a matter of time before this kind of technology was used in the air. The small helicopters are marked with the insignia of the US Navy, but there’s certainly no point of waving at the pilot.

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