Charge Your Smartphone While You Cook with the PowerPot


The PowerPotAnything called a PowerPot demands closer attention in my opinion. If you are at all familiar with thermoelectricity and how it can be generated through the heat of a specific device, you will understand why campers should be very happy at the creation of the PowerPot.

The idea is that when you use the pot to do your cooking on your campsite, you will generate electricity at the same time. The pot comes with a USB cable to connect up to you iPhone or any other low power consuming device.

There are two sizes of the PowerPot in development the moment. When you start using it you won’t need to wonder whether you have heated it enough to create any current either. The idea is that you simply watch for the integrated LED light to come on. When it does you will be able to plug in whatever you have to charge.

If you are intending on taking your laptop camping with you, make sure you get the bigger PowerPot. Apparently a third and even bigger pot is also in the making, so if you want lots of power when you go camping, this could be the one to get.

This is a project on Kickstarter at the moment, you can get your hands on the first batch of PowerPot V’s for $125, this price also includes a 1800 mAh USB battery. A pretty good deal considering the retail price will be $150 without a battery.

If you fancy the bigger PowerPot X, you will need to donate $199, with this bigger cooking / charging pot you will also receive a 1800 mAh USB battery and a 5 LED USB light.

The project looks to be going full steam ahead, with a total pledge of $44,381 so far, from 393 backers, with 21 days to go (at time of writing).
The PowerPot charging a smartphoneThe PowerPot & USB LED LightThe PowerPot VThe PowerPot

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