Motorised Surfboards Using the WaveJet Plug-in Power Unit


WaveJetNow let me say upfront that I am most certainly NOT a surfer. I can do walking and I can cycle, but anything that involves putting my feet on something that moves, i.e. skateboards, skis or surfboards, is not for me.

But that’s not to say I wasn’t a little curious to find out more about the WaveJet. This neat invention is basically a PWP, which I’m told stands for personal water propulsion. So your neat PWP device is designed to become part of your chosen board (which should be compatible with the WaveJet).

Think of it as the water borne version of an electric bicycle and you’ll get the idea. It enables you to get out to the waves faster and get back to shore faster as well, once you’ve ridden the wave under your own power.

Now you might be wondering how on earth you would operate the thing seeing as it is fitted underneath the board itself. The answer comes via a neat little control unit that you pop on your wrist before heading out into the water. The battery lasts for around half to three quarters of an hour.

Now that doesn’t sound like much but remember that this is an occasional use type thing rather than a constant feature. So providing you remember to switch it off via the remote unit on your wrist, you won’t run through the battery anywhere near as quickly as you might think. You’ll need to spend upwards of $2,500 to get your own WaveJet unit.

Take a look at the WaveJet in action:WaveJet

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