Google Augmented Reality Glasses, Demo Video


Google Augmented Reality GlassesIf you’ve been keeping up with news and rumours online recently, you may already have come across the Google Glasses stories. Well now the rumours have been acknowledged as fact by Google X Labs.The official name for this project is the aptly named Project Glass. The idea is to create augmented reality glasses. This is basically reality as we know it, layered with a set of glasses that can also project information right in front of you.

This can occur regardless of whether you are indoors, walking down the street or looking for a local landmark. If it is done right, I think Project Glass could be Google’s new wow project for the future. We could all have these things on our faces in the future – they may become as common as Bluetooth is now.

Google has released a video that shows us how Project Glass could work for us in the future. This is just an idea of where things could go but there is no doubt that it is intriguing and great for people like me who are forever getting lost.

If you had the ability to get directions for an alternative route flashed in front of your eyes just when you needed then, wouldn’t you find that rather appealing?

I certainly would. And that’s why I’ll be keeping a close eye on this particular project.

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