Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Safe


Doctor Who TARDIS Mini SafeTARDIS is an acronym for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space” and the concept goes back to “Dr Who”, a popular series on British television that has the distinction of being the world’s longest-running science-fiction show.

The first show was aired almost 50 years ago – in 1963, to be precise. It ran for 26 years, then it was re-launched in 2005 and has been running since.

The TARDIS mini safe, designed to keep your valuables away from prying eyes. It is designed in the shape of a 1960s style London police box, which, if you don’t know, refers to a kiosk like a red public telephone booth, but blue in colour and meant to let members of the public call the police.

The TARDIS mini safe can be opened by only one thing- its original key. Once you lock it, a blue light on top of the safe starts pulsing gently. When you open the safe with the only key you can open it with, the light goes off. The safe also makes a unique, “vworp vworp vworp” sound when it is opened.

The sound and light effects in the TARDIS mini safe are powered by three AA batteries. This gadget is priced at $40 and available on Think Geek.

Over time, TARDIS became such a strong a brand that it now officially belongs to the BBC, and has spawned lots of merchandise. The term TARDIS started to mean a product of advanced technology whose interior is much larger than its exterior. But it appears that the interior of the TARDIS mini safe may not be bigger than what it looks like from the outside.Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Safe

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