Deep Or Light Pressure Neck Massager


Deep Or Light Pressure Neck MassagerWe all have to deal with pains in our necks. Most are figurative, but often, we also encounter them literally, either due to our postures, our stress or lifestyles that do not include enough exercise but do involve lots of long-distance driving or long flights.

Changes to lifestyle and posture can go a long way in preventing neck and shoulder pain. But once it starts, what you need is a solution that can alleviate the pain and discomfort in discreet, non-invasive ways.

A firm massage in the right parts of the neck and shoulder can do wonders. The trouble is that one can’t massage oneself in the shoulder or neck very effectively. Also, professional masseurs may not be available when you develop the pain.

A new kind of massager is now available for those people who suffer from neck pains. Priced at $100, this “deep or light pressure neck massager” has two rollers that rotate in different directions to simulate the kneading action of a human masseur/masseuse around the cervical vertebrae.

This action delivers better relief than what is possible by using massagers that simply have a vibratory motion.

This massager is made of foam and has been sculpted specially in a way that it sits comfortably around the neck. Attached to the massager is a hand-held controller that can be used to select different massage styles and intensities.

The unit comes with pull handles that allow you to compress specific areas around the neck and shoulders for greater relief. It is portable, which means it is useful addition to your travel kit.Deep Or Light Pressure Neck Massager

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