One Sense Headphones, Cover Your Face with Spiky Style


One Sense HeadphonesDesigner Joe Doucet has given the phrase “a forbidding exterior” a new meaning altogether, not to mention form.

I admit that the previous line sounds very cryptic even to me so let me explain. Doucet has designed what he calls the One Sense headphones. If “another headphone?” is your violent, visceral reaction, please bear with me till I elucidate further.

In addition to cover one’s ears to deliver audio efficiently into one’s ear canal, the One Sense headphones also have a visor-like band with spikes. The band effectively shuts out the wearer’s face from whoever is around.

According to Joe, the One Sense headphone “symbolises the human need for periods of peace and tranquillity”.

I say there are always two sides to an issue. If I was the one wearing the One Sense headphones, I may be able to keep people around me from taking to me simply because I have a hedgehog-like device on my face. That might give me protection from unwanted companions, even if not peace and tranquillity.

However, what about people around me? Will standing close to someone who has a One Sense headphone on his ears (and thus, the protective visor on his face) give me any sense of peace or tranquillity? Personally, I think not.

But everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, so there could well be people who may experience peace and tranquillity when they see someone around them wearing the One Sense headphone.

These headphones will be on display at the Meet My Project design show in Milan towards April-end, and in New York City during Design Week in May.One Sense HeadphonesOne Sense HeadphonesOne Sense Headphones

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