earHero Earphones, Hear the World Around You


earHero EarphonesSometimes, I wonder if all these “personal” gadgets don’t play a major role in making so many members of the current generation of “digital natives” so asocial, if not positively misanthropic.

So many people I know seem to prefer computer games to outdoor sports, and many others would rather chat on social media forums rather than with other, real people. Slowly but inexorably, this is eroding interpersonal skills.

Perhaps that’s why so many people walking about our busy streets with earphones or headphones plugged into their ears seem oblivious to the existence of other users of the road, such as drivers of cars or bikes.

Sadly, this complete immersion in music or gaming or whatever other activity is made possible by a hand-held device and a pair of earphones often causes traffic accidents.

It is in this context that gadgets such as the earHero earphones, designed on the basis of nearly seven years of consumer research by audiologist Matt Murphy, may help.

What’s unique about the earHero earphones is that they do not completely block the ear canal. Therefore, the person wearing them is able to listen not only to music streaming through his/her device, but also to other sounds such as car horns and so on.

Hopefully, this will allow joggers or pedestrians listening to music or the news or whatever else, to stay more connected with the realities of the world and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

Two models are available: the earHeropro and the earHerosport. Both are priced at $149 and can be purchased on the earHero site.earHero EarphonesearHero EarphonesearHero Earphones

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