iPhone Diabetes Management, iBGStar


Diabetes Management on iDevices, the iBGStarThanks to a whole host of reasons including genetic predisposition, unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes is becoming a major health challenge around the world.

Of course, medical research is also making rapid strides that are helping diabetics cope better with their problem.

For diabetics, the key to managing the disease is to keep their blood glucose levels under control. This requires them to monitor it frequently; depending on the seriousness of the problem, some patients have to monitor their blood glucose levels several times each day.

A new portable blood glucose meter and monitoring system called iBGStar is now available in many countries in Europe. The iBGStar is a product of Sanofi, the pharmaceutical giant, and its partner AgaMatrix.

It is priced at £48, and available at boots in the UK. The US FDA approved it for sale in the US in December 2011 so it will soon be available in the US as well.

This device plugs directly into the base of an iPhone or iPod touch. The iBGStar Diabetes Manager app, free for download from the App Store, immediately displays the test results on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch.

The Diabetes Manager app also makes it easy for users to record and track blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake and insulin dosing, if the patient is dependent on insulin.

Colour-coded scorecards make it visually easy to track high or low glucose levels. The “share” feature makes it easy to send the readings to one’s doctor via email so that changes in patterns can be detected and changes made to the patient’s medication.

One can also opt to use the iBGStar as a stand-alone device, choosing to synchronize the results with one’s iPod touch or iPhone at a more convenient time.

Below we have a video explaining how the iBGStar works:

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