Angry Birds RC Helicopter, Smashing Fun


Angry Birds RC HelicopterIt used to be that makers of video games used real-life games as their inspiration. The wheel, it would appear, has turned full circle. After the “angry birds” game became such a mega hit, toy-makers are milking the “angry birds” concept for conventional toys.

So if you think your 8 year old child is ready to play “angry birds” on your smartphone, give them a whirl with the “Angry Birds” RC helicopter.

This remote-controlled toy, priced at $49.95 on the iHelicopters site, is good to operate both indoors and outdoors. It is made of durable plastic that is capable of surviving all those collisions and falls your going to have; judging from my past mini chopper flying exploits.

Since the rotor blades are fragile, the manufacturer provides two spares; they always come in handy at repair time.

The helicopter runs on a built-in Lithium polymer battery. A USB cable that comes as part of the kit can be used to charge the helicopter; alternatively, you may charge it via the controller, similar to most small helicopters.

The remote control unit has a range of around 10 metres, and runs on six AA batteries. It’s quite a guzzler, so from a running cost perspective, it’s defiantly best to invest in some rechargeable batteries.

The angry bird, in this case, the helicopter, comes fully assembled and so it’s ready to fly just as soon as you insert the batteries.

As far as I am concerned, the one downside is that the angry bird consumes power very rapidly. It takes 40 minutes for the helicopter to be fully charged, but on a full charge, it can fly for no more than a maximum of 10 minutes.

Here we have a video of the Angry Birds RC Helicopter in action, the little birdy even smashes a wall (made of plastic cups):Angry Birds RC HelicopterAngry Birds RC HelicopterAngry Birds RC HelicopterAngry Birds RC Helicopter

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