Waterproof Backpack, Overboard Pro Sports


Overboard Pro Sports BackpackHow annoying is it when you stow away all your prized gadgets in a backpack, only to get caught out in a shower of rain? Unless you’ve put them all in hermetically sealed bags you’re probably going to end up with some damp and possibly broken gadgets.

So it’s worth taking a look at the Overboard Pro Sports backpack. This strikes me as a backpack version of a waterproof tent. It’s actually made from tarpaulin and the makers say it will keep everything inside completely dry, even if you decide to go swimming across a lake or river wearing it.

The welded seams will help you keep everything in tip top condition as well, so you should be just fine no matter what you decide to keep in it. And let’s face it, never mind those gadgets – no one likes soggy sandwiches, right?

If you think the bag closes with a zip, think again. That wouldn’t be waterproof so they’ve gone for a fold seal instead. You roll up the flap and then secure it in place to make a tight seal.

This means that even if you lose the bag while you’re swimming across that river, it’ll float, keeping your sandwiches and iPhone safely bobbing around until you can reach them.

For my money this would be an ideal investment for anyone wanting to have a bag they can rely on. It comes in a 20 litre size or a 30 litre size, and the smaller one is currently selling for £38.39, while the larger one is selling for a mere £57.99, you can buy them on Firebox.

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