Portable Water Purification Bottle, AquaPure Traveller


AquaPure Traveller Water BottlePersonally I’m not one for camping but if I do ever go out hiking for the day I like to have a water bottle with me. You need to take on board plenty of fluids when you’re out and about and if you’re seriously into camping in the wild you know how tricky it can be to find plain old simple drinking water that won’t make you ill.

This is where the AquaPure Traveller Water Bottle comes in, and my, it’s a beauty. It has a built in filter (replaceable of course) to filter out all manner of nasties. The filter gets rid of the stuff you can see and perhaps most refreshingly the stuff you can’t see.

The filter is in the lid so you can fill the bottle with whatever water you can find and then squeeze it out into a cup. You’d be surprised at how good it looks, regardless of where you found it.

This is no weak filter obviously, but it’s not a short lived one either. You will end up being able to enjoy hundreds of litres (350 maximum, according to the sales spiel) before having to replace it.

That is far better than having to go out and buy lots of expensive bottles of water when you’re out and about, quite apart from the fact that many hiking trails don’t have too many shops around for you to buy them from.

So it really is the water bottle of the future, its priced at $55.59 (£34.99).

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