11kg Gummi Bear


Colossal 11kg Gummi BearIf you love Gummi Bears you may want to sit down before reading any further. Just think about how heavy – and how big – 11kg is for a moment. Now imagine those 11kgs existing in pure Gummi Bear goodness.

Yes indeed this moment has come to pass. The Gummi Bear measures almost half a metre wall and it is certainly heavy. It also comes in three gorgeous flavours, giving you the thorny decision of whether to choose fruity bubblegum flavour, blue raspberry flavour or cherry flavour. It’s not cheap at £129.99 ($206.29), but then it’s not small either!

Even if you decide to order one of these (they’re available to pre-order at the time of writing) you will need to sit down when you actually receive it. Having the measurements and the weight does not begin to describe what the Gummi Bear looks like and tastes like.

You’ll want to make it last, since it is packed with a huge 32,000 calories. That’s the equivalent of a full thirteen days worth of food for a regular adult man! So yes, I would assume you shouldn’t try and eat it all at once.

You’ll notice the bear has a concave dip in his tummy so you can even pop a bowl in there and add a load of sweets in there for a party. Or just pour them straight in. No washing up – just eat what’s left! It’s an amazing and slightly bizarre entity that could usher in a selection of giant sweets – I hope.11kg Gummi Bear

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