Ubi-Camera, Take Photos with Your Fingers


Ubi-CameraIf that title hasn’t got you curious I don’t know what will. The Ubi-Camera harks back to the times when we framed our pictures before we even took them. By framing I mean the act of actually framing them with one finger and thumb on each hand before taking it, not hanging it on the wall.

The Ubi-Camera is currently still in development by the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, but I hope it actually hits the shops at some point. The camera itself is tiny – maybe the length of the average pointy finger, judging by the pictures I’ve seen of it.

If you hold up your left hand so your thumb is pointing upwards and your index finger is pointing out to form a right angle, the camera would attach to the end of your finger. Your right hand would have your thumb pointing down so the camera very handily has a hole on the top right to accommodate your thumb.

So this is how the camera is used to frame your shot and take the photo. As you can see this is a great idea and it could mean a totally different way of taking pictures in the future. The resulting picture also depends on how far away from your face the camera is.

I love my DSLR camera but this could just be the best thing since sliced bread if it ever hits the camera world at large. I will be waiting.Ubi-CameraUbi-CameraUbi-CameraUbi-Camera

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