iPhone Health Check, Medisana CardioDock


Medisana CardioDockIt’s getting easier and easier to keep an eye on your health these days, without having to worry about trying to book into the doctor’s surgery. This great new gadget lets you take your own blood pressure at home, and it does it via the nifty MAM method.

The idea of this method is that instead of taking just one reading, the machine takes five. It then works out the average of these five readings to work out your current blood pressure.

It also comes complete with a dock that is designed to take your iPhone or alternatively your iPod Touch. So all the info gleaned from the cuff is fed into your iPhone or iPod Touch and stored there, so you can see how things progress over time.

Obviously it doesn’t replace the need to see the doc if you get any problems or if you have particularly high or low blood pressure, but the Medisana CardioDock certainly makes it superbly easy to check and monitor things at home.

When your blood pressure is displayed on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it will tell you whether it is high, low or just right. So if you ever do get a reading that could be a cause for concern, you’ll know to go straight to your doctor.

It’s certainly way better than going along without knowing what your blood pressure is and then finding you have a problem further down the line. At a shade under £100 this isn’t cheap but it is definitely worthwhile.

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