Fastest e-Bike, Specialised Turbo

| April 7, 2012 |

Pedalling is so yesterday when it comes to bicycles, isn’t it? I mean why benefit from the exercise you can get through pedalling when you can just hop on the Specialised Turbo e-bike and hit 28mph by way of the built in electric power?

It has taken three years to create this bike and as a keen cyclist I have to admit I am curious. I’d still rather go for old fashioned pedal power but I can imagine how good it would be to have some help getting up those hills.

But this bike doesn’t just benefit from having some souped up electric power on board. It also has integrated lights on the front and rear, and a built in display to show you how much battery power you’ve used and how much is left. After all you wouldn’t want to get caught out and have to pedal home, would you?

There is no word on the price of the e-bike yet, but it could well be pricey considering the development time and what it actually gives you. After all if it really is the fastest bike in the world you would expect to pay a bit for it.

I’ll stick to my own bike I think, but I will undoubtedly get jealous on occasion if I should ever see someone using one of these. Being overtaken by an e-bike wouldn’t even give me the chance to see it properly.

Here we have a video promo for the Specialised Turbo:

Via: Bike Radar