Low Cost Renewable Energy Using Floating Wind Turbines


Floating Wind TurbineMost of us have heard of wine turbines. But personally I’ve got no clue as to what they do, other than the fact they have something to do with wind.

But now a company called Altaeros Energies has created an airborne wine turbine (otherwise known as an AWT) that goes as high as three hundred metres into the air.

At this height it can generate power without making any noise or creating any problems at all. And if something went wrong it can apparently make its way back down to earth in a very controlled and non-dangerous way.

Most people recognise the need to generate eco-friendly energy wherever we can. Since there will always be wind there to harness, this seems like a pretty good way to make the most of it.

Of course it could mean a future where the sky is peppered with loads of wind turbines. But then they would look a lot better than the dreadful things we see on the landscape now, with great fins on them that cause hazards if they fall off.

The fact that these AWTs go so high into the air also means they can catch stronger winds instead of making do with the less breezy ones closer to the earth’s surface.

So if the prototype leads to an actual working model, we could be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Now there is something to look forward to.Floating Wind TurbineFloating Wind Turbine

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