X-Gaming USB Joystick, Room for Two, 6 Games Built-In


X-Gaming USB JoystickThere is something about the gaming joystick that harks back to simpler times, when computer games were oh so simple (and easier for me to play without getting frustrated). Nowadays of course things are very different and while lots of games are unrecognisable alongside their older counterparts, it’s common enough to want that nostalgic joystick back again.

Well now you can have your cake and eat it, thanks to the X-Gaming USB joystick that is now available to buy. The idea is that you simply plug it into any available USB port on your computer and it’s there ready and waiting for you to use in conjunction with your chosen games.

What’s more the joystick comes with 6 full version authentic Midway Arcade Games built in, so you can enjoy playing the likes of the Gauntlet and Joust while putting your thumbs through their paces. This is a chunky and well built joystick as well, not your usual lightweight effort that won’t withstand the consequences of a losing game. It is easy to use and feels good to hold, so you won’t struggle to keep hold of it when you are right in the middle of a crucial part of the game.

You may have thought you were a long way away from the humble joystick that got us to where we are today. But you would be wrong. There is room for the joystick in modern computer gaming yet – and it comes from the likes of X-Gaming. Good on them, I say.X-Gaming USB Joystick

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