PlayStation 4 Possibly Named Orbis, Out Next Year?


PlayStation 4 Orbis ConceptEveryone is eagerly waiting for the next generation in the PlayStation family, and it looks like we’ve still got quite a wait before we see it for real. The online rumours have started flying around already though, and they seem to be originating from someone who has managed to get the information right in advance of release dates in the past, so maybe we should sit up and take notice.

The name proposed for the new console is the Orbis, although quite why this name has been chosen is a mystery. Will it still be called PlayStation 4 as well? We shall have to wait and see.

Another rumour is that the new console will only take Blu-Ray games or those that can be downloaded. These games will only play on the one console so you won’t be able to swap games or sell them or exchange them for someone else’s if you buy them and don’t like them.

I suspect quite a few gamers will dislike this apparent attempt to stop second hand sales going on, although we should remember this is all just rumour and hearsay at the moment. It remains to be seen whether the Orbis really will hit the shelves in 2013 in time for the run up to Christmas.

I suspect people with other PlayStation models will be disappointed to see they can’t carry those games over to the new console though. As such Sony could stand to make a lot of money if this console does come to fruition.PlayStation 4 Concept

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