Nike+ FuelBand, Perfect Sports Companion


Nike+ FuelbandHow does this sound for a gadget – an intelligent wrist band that can let you know how active you are and how many calories you are burning throughout the average day.

If you like the sound of that you should take a closer look at the Nike+ FuelBand. You may not be able to get one at the moment as it has been selling like the proverbial hot cakes. But this band looks futuristic and has more than one function to it as well.

For starters it will display your steps and calories on the side of the band. Then when you’ve completed that ten mile hike and you get back home, you can think about plugging it into your computer. Yep, you just detach the band, take it off your wrist and plug one end into your USB port.

But it gets better. This band is goal oriented so you just work out what kind of goal you want to set for yourself. Say you want to take 5,000 steps a day. A series of lights on the edge of your band go from red to orange to green.

You can watch during the day as they go from red to green. If they hit green you will know you have achieved your goal. This makes it a lot easier and more inspiring to get active and achieve those fitness targets.

So whatever you like to do, do it with a Nike+ FuelBand.Nike+ FuelbandNike+ FuelbandNike+ Fuelband

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