Hermes Spacecraft in the Space Tourism Race


Hermes SpacecraftThe idea of us mere mortals going into space – and by that I mean regular humans and not astronauts – has gathered apace in recent years. Virgin Galactic is perhaps the best known at present, followed by Space Adventures. There is another possibility in town and it’s called the Hermes Spacecraft.

The Space Transport and Recovery Systems business (otherwise known as STAR) is looking for funding to help it develop the spacecraft so we can all give it a try. The first spacecraft should require a cool $4 million to get going.

If this happens you can expect to shell out around $150,000 (£95,000) for a trip on board. This means it is pretty much reserved for the rich and famous, but it’s a long way before we can start speculating on who would be on board for that maiden flight.

If it does ever come to pass and you managed to get on board (maybe you’d be lucky and win the Lottery), you could soar up to a huge 62 miles above the Earth, high enough to become weightless.

After fifteen minutes up there marvelling at the experience, it would be time to come back down to Earth. The take off would be vertical and the landing would be horizontal, much like the famous Space Shuttle in the US.

The company has launched a Kickstarter project, the goal is $20,000, this money is for the building and testing of a full scale hybrid rocket motor.

This video shows two hybrid rocket motor tests which took place in January 2012, they lasted around 5 seconds and put out around 30lbs of thrust.Hermes SpacecraftHermes SpacecraftHermes SpacecraftHermes Spacecraft

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