Underwater iPhone Case, TAT7


TAT7 Underwater iPhone CaseThere have been a few different waterproof iPhone cases that supposedly allowed you to take pictures underwater. Their depth tolerances varied, but the basic idea was to allow amateur photographers to take pictures while snorkelling or swimming.

Now there’s a new kid on the block called the TAT7 case, which reportedly allows the iPhone camera to be used at depths of up to 100 feet to record still images and video.

The TAT7 works on iPhone 4/4S running at lest iOS5. It consists of a waterproof case with three mechanical buttons that allow users to click the camera’s shutter, switch between video and still pictures, and access the home button. You can’t swipe the screen or use the on-screen keyboard underwater.

Apple’s iOS 5.1 update seems to have somewhat cramped the TAT7’s style, because iOS 5.1 has changed how the camera icon and app are handled. This means users have to turn off “sleep mode” altogether before encasing the phone inside the TAT7.

Also, if you’ve set your iPhone to automatically lock itself after a few minutes of no activity, you have to remember to extend that time or ensure that you keep taking pictures even when you don’t want to.

Both the above could well reduce battery life of your iPhone, which will need to be “always on” underwater.

TAT7’s manufacturers also advise that you regularly apply silicone grease to the O-rings and buttons, so that’s extra work for you. Finally, if something goes wrong you’re your iPhone, don’t expect TAT7’s makers to replace your phone. You get a new case only provided you can prove that the case was defective before your first use.

The TAT7 is priced at $84.95 (£54). Here we have a video taken underwater with the TAT7 Case:TAT7 Underwater iPhone CaseTAT7 Underwater iPhone CaseTAT7 Underwater iPhone CaseTAT7 Underwater iPhone Case

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