Kindle Fire Dock from Grace Digital, FireDock


FireDockOften, the number of apps for a particular smartphone or the number of accessories for a tablet is a good indicator of how well the device is doing (or expected to do). After all, the makers of any accessory product are all riding a wave of derived demand.

In this context, it is interesting that Grace Digital has come out with a charging speaker dock that is designed for the Kindle Fire. Amazon’s offering may not have set the markets on fire (no pun intended) but the FireDock, as Grace Digital calls its product, may well herald an uptick in the Fire’s sales charts.

The FireDock has been developed exclusively for the Kindle Fire. It delivers high-quality, full-range stereo sound, which enhances user experience. Its designers have given thought to user needs, because they have located the USB port, headphone jack and power buttons at the bottom.

You can place your Kindle Fire either in vertical or horizontal position, and the FireDock holds it securely in place.

This design allows the FireDock to be charged even when it is in use, and in turn, allows the Kindle Fire to be charged too. Naturally, you will need to hook up the device to AC mains. This capability is seen to be a key differentiator vis-à-vis other docks.

If you tend to travel a lot and seek portable power options for your Kindle Fire and FireDock, get yourself the Lithium ion battery pack that is sold separately.

At a price of $130 (£80), the FireDock is not exactly cheap. But if you use a Kindle Fire, it may well be worth the investment as you can certainly derive more audio and video pleasure.

We welcome your thoughts on the FireDock, what do you think of this design?


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