Salt Water Fuel Cell Spider, Scary Fun


Salt Water Fuel Cell SpiderOn 6th April, OWI, a leading supplier of robotic kits for educational purposes (the fun comes free!) is set to launch a new kit it calls the Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid Kit, priced at less than $20.

The kit allows children to “build” spiders and make them scurry about, powered by salt water. This kit is intended to sensitise children to the concept of clean energy and how it can power movement.

All that the child needs to do is to assemble the fuel cell module and pour some salt water into it. The magnesium metal sheets (3 sheets are provided with the kit) at the base of the fuel cell reacts with the salt water to produce energy that powers the spider’s locomotion.

The 3 magnesium sheets are enough to keep the spider moving continuously for up to seven hours. But the secret is to release the spiders strategically, so that they can scare the heck out of unsuspecting friends, siblings or even parents.

Once the child has had its fun for the day, s/he simply needs to remove the fuel cell module, rinse it with water and wipe it dry before storing it at the designated place.

The materials used in the kit are non-toxic and environmentally safe. No dangerous by-products are produced, and neither are there any concerns around disposal of waste. This kit is completely safe for kids. As far as parents go, though, I suppose this kit is not safe, especially if you’re scared of spiders.Salt Water Fuel Cell Spider

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