Logitech UE Air Speaker for iOS Devices


Logitech Air SpeakerWith iTunes, Apple changed the way people listen to music. Over the last decade, Apple continues to innovate and disrupt status quo. The iPhones, iPod touch and iPad continue to be coveted not just for their iconic status but also for features.

Apple’s AirPlay technology wirelessly allows you to stream music stored on your iOS devices across your home. AirPlay technology is integrated with speaker docks, AV receivers and stereo systems.

To capture demand from the growing number of Apple customers, Logitech has just launched its UE (Ultimate Ears) Air Speaker. This speaker will be compatible with Apple’s AirPlay standard.

The quality of audio output delivered will improve because of the UE Air’s dual tweeters and dual woofers. Not only does the Logitech UE Air deliver superb sound quality wirelessly, its piano-black finish makes it look quite stunning.

It is also easy to set up, which means the Logitech UE Air speaker offers all that a music lover with an iOS device is looking for. In fact, to set it up, just connect your iOS device to it, follow the simple instructions on-screen and you’re all set.

Of course, you will need a Wi-Fi network at home and you will need to key in the password so that the music can be streamed over the wireless network.

In fact, thanks to the Apple Dock Connector, you can even charge your iOS device while listening to your favourite music.

This stylish gadget is priced at $400 (£250) each, so it is not inexpensive. But then, one has to pay a premium for features and performance.Logitech Air Speaker

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