Why Cry Baby Analyzer


Why Cry Baby AnalyzerIf you’re a parent- and especially, a mother- then you know that it’s hard to predict why a new-born child is crying. This challenge becomes even more difficult if you’re a first-time mum.

As always, there’s technology to the rescue. Called the “why cry baby analyser”, this patented, clinically-certified device claims 90% accuracy in successfully diagnosing why your bundle of delight is crying.

As we all know, infants cry for a variety of reasons, including hunger, discomfort caused by a wet nappy, sleep, colic and so on.

Using a microphone, the device picks up the child’s crying and compares parameters such as intensity of crying, frequency of crying and perhaps even the style of crying against the pattern to arrive at its conclusion.

One face of the unit has different reasons listed: bored, stressed, hungry, sleepy and annoyed; each reason has a different coloured light. The other face displays the reason on an easy-to-read LCD screen. The gadget also has a digital thermometer and humidity indicator, as both these parameters are often important determinants of the child’s physical comfort.

This device is used in the neonatal units of hospitals. Considering that it’s priced at less than $30, it is a great gift for first-time mothers. It may also be something that babysitters and nannies find useful as they go about their daily work of taking care of young children.

Going by the fact that at the time of writing, Amazon, where it is available, have only 2 in stock, the why cry baby analyser seems to be quite popular. It is just about 3” in height and runs on 4 AA batteries that are included in the price.Why Cry Baby Analyzer

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