Mogulz DJ Headphones, Ultra-Comfortable, Super-Deep Bass


Mogulz DJ HeadphonesIf you love listening to music on the move, chances are that you’re not too happy with your headphones unless of course, they’re a top-of-the-line model.

Your reasons for unhappiness could be many: physical discomfort if you wear the headphones for extended periods of time, poor acoustic delivery that detracts from the sound quality, limited range so you sacrifice on bass or treble. Sometimes, it may simply be that the headphones get warm after an hour or two of use.

If you can spare around $70, give yourself a treat by getting yourself a pair of Mogulz DJ headphones. A better idea is to get someone to gift you a pair, provided you have generous friends, siblings or parents- or a boy/girlfriend or spouse.

The Mogulz DJ headphones feature AeroFoam cushions, which make them very comfortable even when they are over your ears for hours on end. The padded band and spring-loaded hinges add to the physical comfort of wearing these headphones for extended periods of time.

The fact that they don’t get hot after prolonged usage is another advantage. They are designed to cover the entire range so you experience deep bass, smooth treble and clear vocals. The Mogulz DJ headphones can be conveniently folded, should you need to put them away safely while flying.

They plug into a standard 3.5 mm jack, so that makes these headphones compatible with most phones, portable music/video players and tablets as well as laptops. If you’re the kind who works on desktops and have to use headphones just to prevent disturbing those around you in office, the Mogulz DJ headphones will suit you.Mogulz DJ HeadphonesMogulz DJ Headphones

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