Metal Detector knows how much cash your carrying


Metal Detector Knows the Amount of Cash on YouIt’s tough being in law enforcement and counter-terrorism. You have to be right every single time, while “the one that got away” may be the one to do the damage that you and your colleagues have fought so hard to prevent.

These days, with most money transfers happen electronically from one account to another. Even so, there are often news reports of people who get caught while trying to smuggle large amounts of currency notes.

Then there are those who might try to use forged currency notes in vending machines to avoid paying for things they buy. Although the scale is smaller, such people are guilty of crimes too.

Now, technology that is embedded in physical cash is going to make it harder for people who wish to beat the system.

Currency notes are nowadays printed using magnetic ink. Vending machines will soon be equipped with readers that use the magnetic ink to authenticate the currency note.

When someone is trying to smuggle in (or out) a large number of currency notes on his or her person, the amount of magnetic ink is significant enough for metal detectors at airports or other points of entry/exit from the country to be able to easily detect from a distance.

In fact, these machines can even provide a reasonably accurate count estimate of the number of notes someone is carrying.

People under suspicion will simply be detained for further questioning and searches. If you have a genuine reason for carrying the money and it’s all in compliance with the country’s laws, you have nothing to fear.

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