LG Flexible e-Paper Launching This Month


LG Flexible e-Paper Launching This MonthSometime in April, LG intends to launch an e-book reader that comes with a flexible display. That’s right, a display screen that can actually be bent to 40 degrees. So it’s not quite the same as a newspaper or magazine, but it certainly comes closer than any other e-book reader.

At 6 inches, the display of the EPD (e-paper display) is comparable with the screen size of the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader. Where the EPD scores is in terms of its lower weight, which is a result of it being made of plastic and not glass.

At this point, it appears that the LG EPD only offers black-and-white display. Given this limitation, its 1024 x768 pixel resolution is quite adequate to deliver sharp text and the occasional picture.

It appears that LG is perhaps more keen to licence its EPD technology to other manufacturers of ebook readers, judging by an LG executive’s comment about this product’s ability to “greatly popularise the ebook market”.

Of course, it is just as possible that LG launches its own range of ebook readers that use EPD technology.

The EPD screen is also quite rugged and reported to be able to survive drops from heights of up to 1.5 m. Now, these were in simulated conditions, so you would be well advised not to attempt dropping the EPD from any height.

Once the basic commercial viability of this technology has been proved, it is easy to adapt the EPD to creating flexible displays for use in advertising, building signage or even as portable displays at the stalls companies set up at trade shows.

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