Super Fast Tube Transport, the Future of High Speed Travel?


 Evacuated Tube TransportOkay I admit it sounds incredibly unlikely, especially if you get travel sick. But really – is it possible or am I talking about a video game here?

Unbelievably this could be real, and it could change the way we travel in the future. Forget planes or trains – the next step into the future comes via (ETT for short).

Now I’ll admit the name sounds a little too urgent for my liking, but the idea is pretty sound. It looks to be more eco-friendly because it works on a minimum of electric energy.

The whole thing relies on passengers travelling in what are known as maglev trains, which are run along evacuated tubes. The tubes are essentially vacuums, so when the ‘train’ stops at a station it arrives in an airlock so the passengers can get out.

The idea is that the capsules start off at an incredibly unthinkable 4,000mph, so once they get started they don’t have to be powered anymore. It’s basically coasting at high speed.

But could this dream actually become a reality? I wonder what effects travelling at this kind of speed would have on the body. At the moment there are delays for even the virtual experience to occur online, so people can see what it’s all about.

So perhaps any real attempts at travelling at these kinds of speeds are still a good few years off. I just hope it happens within my lifetime.Evacuated Tube TransportEvacuated Tube TransportEvacuated Tube TransportEvacuated Tube TransportEvacuated Tube Transport

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