MOTOACTV Golf Edition


MOTOACTV Golf EditionSometimes you read a title of one of these gadget articles and you still have no idea what the gadget actually is or does. This is one of those times so let me dispel some of the mystery for you.

The MOTOACTV Golf Edition is a GPS golf tracker that also acts as a virtual caddy. No word yet on whether it can be expected to go and find a lost ball for you, but hey, we can hope.

This watch style gadget has information on an impressive 20,000 courses so you will always know what to expect from the next hole you play. There is also an online clubhouse that will record the data from every round of golf you play while wearing it.

This allows you to see how well – or not – you played in each case. This works by using Motorola’s MOTOACTV part of the gadget. So it definitely has some good points when it comes to playing the same course several times over. I suppose you have no excuse for consistently landing in the same bunker when you’re wearing this.

According to the sales spiel the MOTOACTV Golf Edition is designed to help novice golfers learn more about their game and improve it accordingly. Experienced golfers can get far more information about their game and analyse every aspect of it to get the best results.

You can expect to part with $299.99 (£190) for your own Edition when it becomes available at the beginning of April.

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