Marshall Fridge, Keeping it Cool


Marshall FridgeEven if you’re not really into your music you’re probably familiar with the Marshall name. It has been stamped onto the front of many an amp used and probably abused by rock bands and many other bands and musicians over the years. But this could be the first time you have ever seen the name on a fridge.

Yes this is the dream fridge for anyone with a love of music. It was unveiled at Musikmesse in Germany this year, and it certainly got a lot of attention. It looks just like a regular amp until you open it up to reveal plenty of space for your favourite cold beers and drinks. It even boasts a small freezer so if you like your cold ones in a glass instead of out of the bottle, you can add ice cubes whenever you like.

Apparently these fridges are starting to roll off the production line this October, but little more is known about them other than the prototype that was at the show. One wonders whether it will be good enough to plug your guitar into as well as drink out of, but I think not, even if it does look the part.

The introductory price is $299 (£190) so it could well be a good buy for anyone who loves their music and is looking for a drinks fridge that is just that little bit extra special. The Marshall Fridge definitely fits the bill.Marshall FridgeMarshall FridgeMarshall FridgeMarshall Fridge

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