2TB My Passport Portable Drive from Western Digital


Western Digital 2TB My Passport Portable DriveLet’s face it, hard drives are not the most portable items you could ever own. They’re not exactly huge but they were never made to be taken off your desk and carried around with you wherever you go.

That cannot be said of Western Digital’s 2TB My Passport portable drive though. The clue is in the name and it really is perfectly portable, so the next time you want to share some files with your friends, you won’t think twice about picking up this baby and taking it with you.

It’s so light – weighting just half a pound – that you will easily be able to tuck it safely into your laptop bag without it becoming much heavier at all. And before you consider whether or not you have room you should know that the impressive 111mm by 82mm by 21mm size is easy to slide into any size of laptop bag.

Of course size is not just relevant in terms of the actual size of the thing. It is also big in terms of the fact that it can hold 2 TB of material. This has to be the smallest biggest portable drive I’ve ever seen. Ah you know I always wondered if I would be able to get that line in somewhere and still have it make sense.

You also get password protection and full encryption capabilities so your data will always be safe as houses. What could be better?Western Digital 2TB My Passport Portable DriveWestern Digital 2TB My Passport Portable Drive

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